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Hold onto your hats friends, the second online yoga class created with the dynamic Hanna and Zach from Handzaround Video & Photography and super legend Harry from Natural Harry is coming at you and it’s a goody! This one is a change of pace to the Morning Flow released a couple of weeks ago – it’s shorter (about 25 minutes) and includes Yin style poses that are held for longer periods of time. It’s a lovely way to wind down at the end of a busy day or any time you’re looking to inject a sense of calm, balance and mindfulness into your life (yes please!)

For those that might be unfamiliar with Yin, it’s one of my favourite practices and I find it complements our modern and often jam-packed full of goodness lives so beautifully. Yin yoga is a reasonably new style of yoga that involves taking the body into a shape (or pose) and then settling there for a little longer than you might in other forms of yoga, usually a few minutes. This is designed to work safely and gently into the deeper connective tissues of the body to invite greater balance and harmony of energy flow through the meridians, or energy channels. I love the space that Yin creates, it’s a quieter form of yoga and a very honest practice where the use of mindfulness during poses helps to anchor you in the present moment, offering the opportunity to feel and breathe into whatever may arise.

We welcome the use of props in yin, they’re a great way to find a comfortable position for the body that enables you to settle in for the extended time. Be sure not to take yourself into the pose at 100%, rather look to find your edge at around 6 or 7 out of 10 as the sensation will evolve and change during your time in the pose.

As with all yoga practices listen to your body (you know it better than anyone else, after all you spend all of your time living in it!) and honour what it is deeply calling you to do throughout the class. If you need to come out of a pose earlier or skip it altogether then please do so, focusing on breathing deeply and smoothly as you do.

In the Journal post for our Morning Flow class I sung the praises of my collaborators (because they really are awesome), so just a quick reminder here to head to the Natural Harry concept store in East Geelong or online for the most beautiful and thoughtfully curated goodies. This includes some of the threads that we’re wearing here and the gorgeous tea, mugs and Yogi Magic oil roller I use on the lovely Alex and Harry during savasana (it’s so good!). And be sure to get in touch with Hanna and Zach from Handzaround Video & Photography for all of your lifestyle family photography and wedding films and photography in Geelong. These guys know their stuff and are so wonderful to work with, they’ll capture your special moments in the most heartfelt way and are a treat to work with. Their webby and insta are both full of inspo and give you a greater taste of their talent so be sure to check them both out!

Alrighty friends, time to get into it. Be sure to read the disclaimer below before participating. Then there’s nothing left to do but to grab a couple of cushions or pillows, roll out your yogi mat and pop a ‘do not disturb’ on the door because you are in for a treat.

Made from our hearts to yours, we really hope you love it.

Love, light and blessings dear friends x


When participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. Dune Folk Yoga and Wellness and Natural Harry do not hold themselves out to be medical professionals, and any recommendations made in this video do not constitute medical advice. You should consult your doctor regarding any recommendations in an exercise program and follow all safety instructions before beginning the program.

If you engage in the above exercise or exercise program provided by Dune Folk Yoga and Wellness and Natural Harry, you acknowledge that you are voluntarily participating in these exercises at your own risk, and you assume all risk of injury. 

The above content is subject to copyright and intellectual property ownership by Dune Folk Yoga and Wellness and Natural Harry.

Dune Folk lotus.

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