Dune Folk: Yoga for people of the dunes

Dune Folk was born from the desire to share the teachings of yoga in a welcoming, joyful and accessible way. My hope is to inspire people to find more gratitude, peace and presence in their lives so that they may be fully and unapologetically themselves and shine their light to those around them.

Love, kindness and joy, always.

Blair Phillips

Mum - Yogi - Teacher

Blair is a curious and caring individual with a genuine love for yoga. Also a qualified Secondary School teacher and Nutritionist, she has a passion for sharing the gifts of yoga with others and gets a kick out of seeing them leave class more grounded and connected to themselves than before.

Blair began exploring yoga in her early twenties and soon discovered how much the yogic teachings permeated her life outside the studio. Over the years, yoga has gently and kindly weaved its way into her everyday, not just as a physical practice but as a life practice, and it has become an essential part of her wellbeing and happiness.

Blair’s classes are nurturing, joyful and considered. She aims to weave ancient yoga theory, pranayama, meditation and stories from everyday life with the physical practice for a wholesome yoga experience.

Off the mat Blair loves spending time in and around the ocean, gardening, farmers markets, chai and a cheeky square (or two) of chocolate. She is excited by fresh harvests from her veggie patch, is loving learning to surf, has an inability to follow a recipe without making at least one adjustment and is aiming to live in greater harmony with the seasons. She adores her family including her husband, ever hungry labrador and her two beautiful daughters who have been her greatest yoga teachers yet.

Dune Folk's Blair Phillips.