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Lovely friends, I am bursting at the seams excited to be sharing this awesome project with you all. I’ve teamed up with superstar local businesses and all around legends Natural Harry and Handzaround Video & Photography to create two online yoga classes so that you can practice in the comfort of your own home (yes, that means in your PJs if you like…all your dreams really are coming true!)

The first of two videos (released today) is a Morning Yoga Flow designed to open your body gently and set the tone for a productive and mindful day ahead. It’s slow and considered so that you can breathe and connect inward. Before we get to the vid, I want to share a little about these champion collaborators whose talent and creativity made this idea come to life.

Harriet of Natural Harry is not only a plant-based cookbook author of two gorgeous cookbooks that are both on high rotation in this house (those pancakes from Whole are on high rotation at our house), but also runs a stunning conscious concept store in East Geelong stocking a range of thoughtfully curated and truly beautiful fashion, jewellery, homewares and more (i’ll take one of everything please!). You’ll see lots of treasures from the shop in the video that you can either purchase in store or online. Despite her many successes and impacting so many lives so positively, Harry is as down to earth and genuine as they come and someone I feel truly blessed to call a friend.

Hanna and Zach are the creative duo behind Handzaround Video & Photography and are super skilled at capturing not only yoga classes (they managed to show the natural beauty of the Lakeroom on camera, I assure you this is not an easy task) but also make beautiful lifestyle family photography and wedding films and photography in Geelong. These guys are really talented, experienced and lovely to boot. They are passionate about using their imagery to enhance the special moments in peoples lives and do it so authentically, and i’m so happy that our paths crossed. Check out their website for more on their offerings and don’t forget to look at their instagram for a stunning dose of inspiration.

Also, a huge thanks to the lovely Alex for waking bright and early to visit the Lakeroom for the vids, you’re a gem!

Before you participate in the video at home be sure to read the disclaimer. Then, carve out some time just for you, find a quiet space and roll out your mat to settle in for some sweet and grounding yoga goodness.

Made from our hearts to yours, we really hope you enjoy it.

Love, light and blessings to you lovely dune folkers (and happy yoga-ing in your PJs) x


When participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. Dune Folk Yoga and Wellness and Natural Harry do not hold themselves out to be medical professionals, and any recommendations made in this video do not constitute medical advice. You should consult your doctor regarding any recommendations in an exercise program and follow all safety instructions before beginning the program.

If you engage in the above exercise or exercise program provided by Dune Folk Yoga and Wellness and Natural Harry, you acknowledge that you are voluntarily participating in these exercises at your own risk, and you assume all risk of injury. 

The above content is subject to copyright and intellectual property ownership by Dune Folk Yoga and Wellness and Natural Harry.

Dune Folk lotus.

6 thoughts on “Morning Flow Online Yoga Class

  1. Thank you so much Blair for that beautiful flow! What a gem of a resource to use whenever the body is calling for it. Such a perfect tool for when you can’t quite get to a class ! A shift workers dream ! Thank you again ! Em

    1. Oh Em i’m so so pleased to hear that, thanks for taking the time to get in touch and I am absolutely rapt you’re enjoying the practice. I can imagine squeezing yoges in around shift work is super tricky, glad that a little online class can help you maintain your practice. Thanks again lovely x

  2. A lovely class Blair, thank you for creating this treat! I’ve already flowed along multiple times at home. X

    1. That’s the best news Esther – thank you so much for sharing and i’m absolutely stoked that you’re enjoying it 🙂 Hooray x

  3. So exciting!
    And oh Blair we almost cried reading all your beautiful words <3 you’re just the most beautiful and kind soul and we love what you do!

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