Yoga for Schools

Now more than ever, children and teens can benefit greatly from the teachings of yoga. Yoga offers an opportunity for young people to slow down, connect inward and learn valuable skills such as breathing techniques, mediation and yoga postures that will be beneficial throughout life. Framed in a fun and age appropriate manner with themes interwoven throughout classes and teamed with music, props, games and personal development exercises – students will leave the class feeling calm, centred and positive.

Dune Folk lotus.


  • Lessons taught by a qualified yoga and school teacher with over 8 years experience teaching across Primary and Secondary settings.
  • A single session or package of yoga classes that include physical postures, mindfulness, meditation, breath work, relaxation, games and personal development.
  • Classes that are tailored specifically to children and teens (rather than an adaption of an adults yoga class).
  • Fun and engaging yoga sessions that can be general in focus or specifically tailored to the emerging needs of your school community (eg. building resilience). Classes can also link with the curriculum (eg. An ‘Outer Space’ class for primary students studying the planets).
  • Provision of equipment for classes up to 26 students, more available upon request.
  • Class lengths that can be tailored to you, between 45 and 90 minutes is ideal but shorter sessions can be arranged.
  • Based on the Bellarine Peninsula and also servicing Geelong, the Surf Coast, the Mornington Peninsula and beyond.

The benefits of yoga for kids and teens are numerous and profound, they include:

Decreased levels of stress

Decreased anxiety and symptoms of perceived worry and depression

Improved mood, increased feelings of calm and improved optimism

Increased self regulation and resilience

Improved focus and academic performance

Increased physical fitness and conditioning and mind-body awareness

Improved self esteem, self concept, self image and self awareness


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Dune Folk lotus.