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It seems that almost every conversation I have starts with: ‘Have I told you about this great podcast I listened to the other day?’ I just love them! There is a podcast for just about anything these days and they enable us to be taught, entertained and intrigued while chopping up the veg for dinner or driving in to work.

With all that podcast love in mind, I thought i’d share some of my faves that have been hot in my ears lately with the hope that they might make their way into your life if they tickle your fancy. With great difficulty I narrowed it down to the five that are highest on rotation for me with some noteworthy mentions underneath – because five just wasn’t enough (cheating, I know!)

  • Interview With A Yogi: I discovered this one fairly recently and i’ve gained so much from all of the episodes i’ve listened to so far (particularly the episode on Ayurveda – so many nuggets of wisdom!) Really interesting yogis, great questions and nice long interviews to dive deep into the topics. Definitely worth a listen for the yoga lovers out there.
  • The Slow Home Podcast: After a great recommendation to read the book Slow by Brooke McAlary I found the Slow Home podcast by the same author. This is a great one for all things slow living in our fast paced world and consistently provides inspiration and new ideas on how to lead a slower and more conscious life.
  • The Flow Artists Podcast: Another poddy that’s great for anyone keen to explore all things yoga. This Melbourne based podcasts interviews a range of people related to the world of yoga and offers interesting insights that anyone can learn from, whether you’re a new or experienced yogi bear and/or teacher.
  • The Deliciously Ella Podcast: You might be familiar with Ella Mills of Deliciously Ella fame, she’s a plant based cook from the UK who has authored several cookbooks and is now into season three of her podcast with her husband. Covering a range of topics regarding health including nutrition, stress, grief and more, the episodes are interesting and down to earth and worth a look through.
  • The Low Tox Life Podcast: Alexx Stuart hosts this podcast that explores many ways to live low tox in a modern world – and that doesn’t just mean low tox in terms of decreasing chemical exposure to our bodies (although there is plenty on this) but also talks about how to have a low tox mind with meditation and managing stress. If you’re new to the low tox scene this can feel a little overwhelming at the start so ease your way in gently with topics that interest you. I’ve learned so much from this poddy over the years.


Other poddies on high rotation include:

Ladies, We Need to Talk (topics about women for women – some funny, some challenging, all topical and interesting)

Yogaland (some wonderful episodes, excellent for yoga teachers and those with an interest in yoga alike)

The Amanda Hill Podcast (honest, heartfelt messages on growth and being your best self)

The Melissa Ambrosini Show (on health and wellness, so many topics to choose from in her long format interviews)


So there you have it friends, I sincerely hope this brings a little insight into some interesting podcasts that you might like to pop into your ears. If you have any recommendations please share these in the comments so that we can create a library of poddies to explore!


Love, light and blessings x

Dune Folk lotus.

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