My Five Favourite Savasana Tunes

Savasana – one of the sweetest words you can hear from your yoga teacher towards the end of class. Savasana offers the opportunity to gift yourself some much needed rest. Nowhere to be, nothing to do, no phones or yelling toddlers (just my house?!)…just you, your breath and depending on the class perhaps some sweet tunes to float away on.

I don’t always have music playing during savasana and I understand this isn’t everyone’s preference, but generally I love pairing music to my practice and I find that more often than not I feel called to play a tune during this time.

Here are five of my all time favourite savasana tunes, I narrowed it down to five to keep myself honest (I could’ve gone on…and on!).

Atlas: Hearing ~ Sleeping At Last

This one builds, it’s breezy and gives me all the feels. I really dig it! Be sure to stay for the whole song to get the full effect.

We Move Lightly ~ Dustin O’Halloran

Some piano vibes to take you on a journey with this little savasana ditty. It’s got a fairly fast beat so one for morning classes when you’re not looking to get too sleepy.

The Southern Sea ~ Garth Stevenson

This one is a little eerie and brooding and drops you in deep. Nice for a yin practice and in the evening to keep your energy grounded.

On Leaving ~ Danny Paul Grody

Lovers of some sweet acoustic guitar goodness, this one’s for you. Gentle and soft, a nice ambient track.

Immunity ~ Jon Hopkins

Dreamy, floaty and just plain lovely. I love getting lost in this tune and come back to it again and again.


If you like to use music in savasana what tunes are you feeling at the moment? I’d love you to pop your ideas in the comments to share the love with our beautiful community.

Until next time friends, have a wonderful day and try to squeeze in some tunes during savasana next time you practice.

2 thoughts on “My Five Favourite Savasana Tunes

  1. Such juicy goodness Blair. I equally love Dustin (check out Home is with Me; I play it twice in a grounded themed class otherwise it is too short) and Jon for opening and closing classes. Then there is Olafur Arnalds; Pu ert jordin and Nils Frahm; Felt.

    1. Ooh I can’t wait to check these out – thanks so much for sharing Claire! So much savasana music goodness to be had xx

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